Elite Protection Programs

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Our  Elite  Protection Puppy Program is the most unique of all services we have to offer! What makes it so unique? Because we have connections throughout the world,  we are able to breed and import some of the finest puppies the world has to offer. We always test and  select a  few puppies with only this objective in mind,  to become an Elite Protection dog.  Doesn’t it make perfect sense to have your Elite Protection Dog grow up in your family and be a part of it from day One?DSC01221 (Small)








One  important reason why a person should  look into our  puppy program is when they have a lifestyle that is  hectic and doesn’t allow them the  time to find a dog that will transition into the family without  complications. This program is for those persons or families that may already own dogs, cats or other animals, invloved in several extracurricular activities, raising children of different ages, or travels frequently.

At HK9 International let us do the work for you:

  • Selection
  • Socialization
  • Crate Training
  • Basic Obedience
  • Conditional Protection Development








Here is  how it works. I will personally select a puppy that will surpass all of your expectations. The puppy will be shipped around 8 weeks old.  The decision as to what type of dog, gender, size and level of activiness will be decided by you.  We currently offer the following breeds:  Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, German Shepherd and German Rottweiler; I will personally help  you make a sound decision that is right for you and/or your family. We will help you with raising your  puppy properly through consultations and video lessons if needed. Training will be done by HK9 in several phases. What this means is that your puppy will come to us for training a few times before it reaches the status of being an Elite Protection Dog.  As your puppy becomes older, the time will come when you will need to send it to us for the first round of training. We like to get the puppies started with training when they become 5 – 6 months old.  This is when most of our clients begin to need the puppy to listen and have some house manners, etc. When you send your puppy  back for training, your puppy will not be housed in a kennel, no your puppy will be housed and trained at home by members of our staff.   We will use this time to complete the basic obedience as well as to begin the foundations of protection training. Together with obedience, agility and foundational training, this generally takes approximately one month. Your puppy will then come back around 13-14 months old for the formal advanced obedience and Elite Protection course.  At this time,the puppy may stay with us between 1 to 3 months. In some cases, the puppy may not need to come a 3rd time, in fact most of our clients are quite happy with the level of training at this point, but generally speaking we would like to have it come back for a short time as it reaches maturity.








Whenever possible, we would like for you to come and particiapte in training for a few days at our training fields for the tactical deployment phase of training or we can personally deliver your K9 (note: a surcharge will be added for this option). Periodically, from this point we can schedule some “refreshers” , most people opt to do this whenever they have a vacation and can not take the dog with them, or they feel their dog hasn’t been conditioned and has become rusty because of lack of continual training.

Call for prices ranges.  The amount can be paid in full or in 3 installments with the first due when the contract is signed and the puppy is shipped. The next payment will be due in 6 months and the final payment is due after completion of the final training phase. If you are satsified with your dogs current level of training after the second training phase and decided to cancel the final phase of training, the balance will be due and payable at that time.

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We have fully trained adult Elite protection k9’s, please call for pricing.  All of the training is customized to fit your lifestyle and individual needs. Let us know what you are looking for and we will tell you how long it will take to get the perfect dog trained for you. Every dog comes with a complete file, with pedigrees( when avaible) health records, X-rays and training videos, that are only available once the buyer has signed a contract with us. Quite often most dogs are sold long before they become listed on our website. If you are seriously looking to own a Elite Protection Dog please contact us first.

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We offer fully trained single or dual purpose k9’s for all your law enforcement needs. Please feel free to contact us for all your working service needs.

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