1. Will a protection trained K9 be safe around my family?

Yes, all the  dogs that we sell or train have been well socialized and temperment tested. We ensure that the training is clear and that the dogs understand who the pack leader is and the difference between friend and foe.

2. If I choose to purchase an adult dog instead of a puppy will it be able to bond with my family?

Yes, we would have a detailed consultation with you to determined the best fit for your needs and lifestyle.

3. What is the best breed for me?

While there are various working breeds that could serve as quality protection dogs, we feel that the German shepherd dog, Belgium malinois and the German Rottweiler are most suited for our style of training.

4. How old does my puppy/dog have to be to start training?

Foundations of training start the minute you get your puppy home, puppy training at our facility starts around 12 weeks of age, we belive that early socialization and imprinting are crucial to the proper development of a well rounded K9.

5. What is the cost for your various training programs?

The costs are determined based on the level and/or particular program that you need. A free evaluation  will be given before entering into any program contract.

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