Specialized Trainings and Seminars



Street Readiness K9 Deployment: Defense the 1% Criminal!

-Muzzle (Obedience, Gunfire Neutral, Muzzle Ditches)- Muzzle fighting is one of the last links between training and real world training scenarios, along with our hidden sleeve work!

-Subway exposure/Car( the ability for dogs to block out obvious stressors and concentrate of the task at hand- defense of handler or Apprehension of criminals
-Trains/Double Decker Trains

-Civil Agitation- Civil agitation is core principle work and we use it in our Readiness training in conjunction with environmentals.

-Role Player exposure during deployment- This is a crucial element of true street training as we must mimic the criminal element in mannerisms and actions of the host countries. ( critical function)

-Bite Building- Some time will be spent on testing the bite of K9’s while under stress( if K9’s foundational bite development is not correct, this is when problems could arise)

-Tight space apprehensions- Handler and K9 doesn’t always get to choose the location of the fight and having great close quarter fighting skills is a must.
-Shield Presses- This helps security/Law Enforcement teams prepare for crowd control exercises

-Suspect Takedowns with K9 engaged Physical take downs by the handler and or team while the K9 is engaged on the suspect

-Team Movement- This goes hand in hand with the Suspect take down.

-Riots with gunfire/ multiple attackers- Handling and engagement is taught here as to body positioning and K9 placement.

-Target Acquisition (clear line of sight)- Identification of the correct threat target(critical function)

-Building Search- Proper search and building clear techniques by Handler and K9.

-High Risk Deployment- This is culmination of K9 handling and techniques designed to eliminate the threat target while reducing risks to handler and K9!
-And many more…

Excellent training for Law Enforcement, Private Security and Personal Defense, any and all training can be altered to fit the needs of the attending students.
* For more experienced dogs this can be used as a true Readiness test but younger inexperienced dogs this can be slowed down and conditioned.
*Also I understand there may be laws prohibiting the use of blank guns etc., we can coordinate and adapt to the host countries laws and regulations.



Police K9 Decoy Camp

Safety for K9, handler and Decoy
Physical fitness and its effects on the K9
Reading and understanding K9 behaviors and drives during bite work
Preparing for training sessions and having goals
Catch mechanics
Sleeve, Hidden Sleeve, Bite Suit, and Muzzle fighting
Harnessing aggression
Aggression without equipment(Civil agitation)
The role of the decoy during bite/fight development
Training vs Testing
Scenario training for real deployments


Total Canine Institute Presents- Tactics “Zero to Hero”


Taking you past the training field to live Street application, adding a unique real world training experience!

Training level: intermediate- Advanced
Age- non ( after initial evaluation students will broken down into sub groups based on abilities and goals)

* Each student will have the opportunity to test after the 2days course for a chance for certification.

Training level: intermediate- Advanced

1. K9 force multiplier
2. Survival and Escape
3. Bite means Bite
4. Recall and recovery
5. Frontal assault vs false sense of security
6. Zero to Hero
7. Predator Violence
And much much more!


Lone Wolf Seminar

When you’re alone in the darkness, no one in sight- you have been forced to leave your weapon or K9 at home or in your vehicle; apart from salvation, what do you have left? The Lone Wolf Seminar bridges that gap; going beyond K9 Security, incorporating multiple safety and defense platforms into one easy to learn and apply, philosophy. This seminar will administer faultless personal safety and defense by utilizing your environment and tools at hand. Come learn to immerse yourself in total safety, come learn to be the “Lone Wolf”!


It’s an immersion seminar focusing on complete personal safety and defense by utilizing your environment and tools and substance within it