The Need For True Working K9s In Today’s Society


{the above video link is a visual of what can go wrong in a live deployment}




In today’s ever changing world we must learn to balance the need for freedom and security. Freedom is a core value of all man kind.  Balancing security and the rights of our citizens is absolutely essential, thus bringing us to this week’s blog “The need for true working K9’s in todays society”. Working dogs have played vital roles in our society since the days that the first domesticated dogs shared campfires with man. While we learned over time how to use and harness the working abilities of dogs, we have just scratched the surface of the working dog, from police, military, personal and everything in between. With the advent and use of more and more technology, our society is drifting away from the use of working dogs. But for what reasons— technology, supply and demand, failures in the field or lack of understanding of the dogs true capabilities? In our opinion, the answer lies somewhere in between. The fact that dogs can be used in a magnitude of working fields is a true indication that we must focus on supplying higher quality dogs with better trainings for both the dogs handlers.  We must eliminate the thought of “basic” training. In what jobs in our society is being ‘basic” considered good enough? The bare minimum training and standards must go! When did lowering our standards because people can’t rise to the levels needed to excel at the job become the norm? We must challenge ourselves and challenge the K9 and security industries as a whole. This is NOT a game, lives are at stake and in today’s world we must stay ever vigilant. If you and your team are not up to standards, we need to get there and get there quickly. The world is counting on us—- “Pressure only affects those who are not prepared”!