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While we specialize in training working K9’s we are a all breed training facility. We believe no matter the breed all dogs require a level of obedience and social skills to become a well rounded ┬ádog. We offer training in.


  • Obedience
  • Behavior Modification
  • Agility
  • Scent discrimination
  • Personal protection
  • Executive protection
  • Police/Military apprehension
  • Area protection/Sentry
List of Classes

Level one dogs have received basic obedience, basic agitation, tracking and entry level scent work. The dogs have also been well socialized and crate trained. Level one trained dogs make excellent family protectors and guardians. training_2







Level two dogs have received training on mutiple surfaces, confined spaces, and against mutiple attackers. These dogs are skilled with leg bites above and below the knee, leg to leg transfers, arm to leg transfers, back and shoulder bites, muzzle fighting, agility, intermediate scent work, tracking and advanced obedience. DSC01189 (Small)



Level three dogs are serious dogs for serious needs. These dogs are offensive by nature and have completed training in all above areas. These dogs have been trained in gun and weapon disarmourment, buliding searches and will only be sold to those with a serious need for this kind of working K9.


DSC_0987 (Small)

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